June 2006 Rick, Darva and Ella Visit

Ella an Vance in porch swing
Ella and Vance
Ella landing a trout
Mark helping Vance fish
Cane pole fishing
Rick helps Vance with catch
Dinner! (Really!)
A cool game after catching dinner
Tubing at Deep Creek
Ella and her tube. This didn't last long
The tube transfer takes place, unbeknowst to Rick at the time
Vance carried his tube all the way to the put in point for the first time
Hang on!
Ella floating
Vance and the great white whale
Mark only managed to fall off 5 times
Rolling down the river
Trouble ahead...
The flotilla joins up
A successful linkage
Wonder what they are talking about?
Coming in for a landing
Vance solo's in...
Ella dries off
Simone and Vance with his new hat
Simone and Vance closeup