May 2006 Miles' Birthday

Happy Birthday - in Spanish
The big Kahuna
Take a deep breath!
Miles and Bobo
21 years old
Miles and Vance
Miles and Vance again
Vance wears the hat
Not one of Mark's better photo ops
Even uglier
The boyz
A rare chance to get the whole family in one picture
Jimmy hiding under hat
Jimmy and Chris
Vance and Epris
Birthday Cake
Vance serenading Miles in Spanish
Mission Accomplished!
Vance and Uncle John
Epris, Jimmy and Chris
Miles and Debbie
Cutting the cake
Good shot of Miles
Vance's present
They're both eyeing that piece!
Bobo, Vance and Miles
Vance, Miles, Denise and Epris
Chris, Jimmy and Debbie
Jimmy and Chris
Epris and Chris
Miles and Vance