My Teacher, My Dad

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

As anyone who has ever attempted to homeschool is aware, there are some days when your budding Einstein has appeared to forget everything he or she has ever learned since kindergarten.

Today was such a day.

In hopes of lightening up matters, and inspired by the looks on Vance’s face during math, I composed this short poem from his viewpoint.

After an exasperating day,
On the subject of math
The Teacher wrote this
In hopes of a laugh….

My Teacher, My Dad

(an opus to a bad day…)

My Dad is evil,
My Teacher is mean,
He makes me do math,
Until I turn Green!

His face is ugly,
His breath is foul,
I wish he’d get covered,
With poop from a cow.

I hope he is kicked
By a mad hopping rabbit,
Instead of teaching me math,
As is his horrible habit.

I wish that he would
Get poked by a Moose!
Then chased up a tree
By a wild honking goose.

May 13 black cats
Walk straight 'cross his path
And hex him forever
To never teach math.

He should be stuck in the butt
By a large charging bull,
For being my teacher,
all tiresome and cruel.

May his face break out
In a terrible rash,
While I run for my life,
For writing so brash…

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